Insiders of the Pinoy Big Brother Season 4 Audition

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Insiders of the Pinoy Big Brother Season 4 Audition


Me and 3 other members (Richard, Xy-Za and Jam) of the Iligan Bloggers Society had the opportunity to cover the audition of Pinoy Big Brother Season 4 held in Iligan City last June 10, 2011.  And that is thanks to my husband, Pat, for helping us in getting a “Pass” so we can have access to St. Michael’s College Auditorium, the venue of the audition.

We arrived at the area before 10am and many wannabe “housemates sa Bahay ni Kuya” were already lining up even when it is very hot.   It was said that the registration started at 6am, yet many aspirants were already in the vicinity as early as 8pm the night before.


After the guard at the gate inspected our bags, we went up the stairs to the auditorium.  And we passed by aspirants lining up the stairs waiting for their turn to get inside the auditorium.

Inside, many are already comfortably sitting down, some chatting with new found friends, others texting – probably to their family and friends, some just sat quietly waiting for the next instruction.  I asked one of the in-charge how many were already in as of the time, and he said, it was already a total of 900.  Wow!


Crew from ABS-CBN Local  covering the audition