#ExperienceIligan Twitter Chat: Let’s talk about Iligan

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#ExperienceIligan Twitter Chat: Let’s talk about Iligan

#ExperienceIligan online campaign will kick off this September 16, 2013 via the hosted Twitter Chat by Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc.

We are have inviting netizens to use the hashtag #ExperienceIligan in their social media posts particularly Twitter and Instagram, and share it like wildfire. Aiming to mobilize the locals and visitors to a unified call to action to highlight Iligan City, and encouraging people to visit and experience Iligan for themselves, social media is maximized through this unified effort.

Twitter Chat

The #ExperienceIligan Twitter Chat will be a conversation and talk about Iligan on a specific date and time. This way, questions and information regarding the how-to’s, what’s, the best time, and other must-know info about making the best Iligan experience can be shared and read by anyone.


You can follow and join in the conversation. Share your past experiences using the hashtag #ExperienceIligan, and check out the live feed at http://iliganbloggers.com/ExperienceIligan.

Our first tweetdate for #ExperienceIligan Twitter Chat will be on Monday, Sept 16, 2013 at 8:00-9:00 PM. We’ll have a followup on how the participants are doing with their excursions sometime between Sept 18 and 22, and we’ll wrap it up after they are sober from travel and excursions.

It’s a date! We hope to read your tweets and check out your Instagram photos while we’re at it too!


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