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Let’s Unite Iliganon by Hashtagging #ExperienceIligan

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The use of hashtags originally started at twitter as a way of categorizing tweets.  For marketers it is a way of promoting brands, products and services. For some, hashtags are only used for some random shitty thoughts which are definitely out of the line. But in fact, when properly utilized, hashtags can definitely be a useful tool in promotions and advertisements. It is like a modern Google search engine. Just think of this, a person looking for a specific destination, let’s say Iligan City, typed in the keywords- Iligan City into the search engine and in return Google will list all the possible results for Iligan City posts, pages and websites. But Hashtags is a whole new level. When you clicked the clickable hashtag, it will then display related posts, photos and status with the same hashtag. Amazing! It is like going to a party in cyberspace!

#ExperienceIligan online campaign | Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc.

WHY USE #ExperienceIligan

With the use of the hashtag #ExperienceIligan, we can actually create an online campaign for Iligan – letting people know how to Experience and enjoy Iligan. With your daily posts and updates, we can actually create a campaign for our city. Each of us can then promote Iligan City in our own ways.

The current number of users in terms of online presence and total users of social media, Iligan City has the surpassed all the cities in Northern Mindanao. We can actually make use of Facebook properly, with a good intention that can benefit you and our city.


Why we are using #ExperienceIligan

As a social media practitioners, blogging enthusiasts, and love for Iligan City, we ventured in a campaign for #ExperienceIligan. We want to uplift the city’s tourism and at the same time we want to showcase how Iliganon people can actively participate in this campaign. With this, we are not only making way of Iligan City’s appearance but we can also help users/individuals gain additional audience while participating in this campaign.


Who Can Benefit the campaign for #ExperienceIligan

All. Using #ExperienceIligan:

Photographers  can gain audiences in their works. They can showcase their talents to other aspiring Photographers. They can meet like-minded individual with the same passion. And they can even gain find possible clients out of this campaign.

Restaurants, Companies and Establishments  can showcase their products and services. With a good economic progress in the city, more and more businesses and establishments are rising up. Through proper social media, they can easily acquire new clients and loyal customers.

Iliganons – While Iligan holds the most number of online users in the Northern Mindanao, it will be a very good campaign when most of us (if not all) can actively participate. It will then be a modern way of Bayanihan.

Visitors – By 2013, the city of Iligan receives a lot of visitors across the country. Through blogs and helpful posts, visitors are guided in how to reach top destinations here in the city. With this #ExperienceIligan campaign, everyone can give a personal touch to every possible visitor simple by sharing your posts, photos and status together with the hashtag #ExperienceIligan

Bloggers – both new and old bloggers can gain new visitors , add traffics and blogger friends. Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. can also he


What #ExperienceIligan offers


<Conclusion here>


Join us in our mission in making noise through social media, hashtags and blogging in promoting Iligan City. Use #ExperienceIligan


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#ExperienceIligan Twitter Chat: Let’s talk about Iligan

#ExperienceIligan online campaign will kick off this September 16, 2013 via the hosted Twitter Chat by Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc.

We are have inviting netizens to use the hashtag #ExperienceIligan in their social media posts particularly Twitter and Instagram, and share it like wildfire. Aiming to mobilize the locals and visitors to a unified call to action to highlight Iligan City, and encouraging people to visit and experience Iligan for themselves, social media is maximized through this unified effort.

Twitter Chat

The #ExperienceIligan Twitter Chat will be a conversation and talk about Iligan on a specific date and time. This way, questions and information regarding the how-to’s, what’s, the best time, and other must-know info about making the best Iligan experience can be shared and read by anyone.


You can follow and join in the conversation. Share your past experiences using the hashtag #ExperienceIligan, and check out the live feed at

Our first tweetdate for #ExperienceIligan Twitter Chat will be on Monday, Sept 16, 2013 at 8:00-9:00 PM. We’ll have a followup on how the participants are doing with their excursions sometime between Sept 18 and 22, and we’ll wrap it up after they are sober from travel and excursions.

It’s a date! We hope to read your tweets and check out your Instagram photos while we’re at it too!


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Blogging 101.5 – We Started It Right!

One of the goals of Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. is to conduct quality talks and seminars to broaden the blogging community and promote responsible use of social media in the city of Iligan.

Together with Jacko’s Kan-anan and Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation of Iligan, IBS, Inc. hosted a start-up seminar called Blogging 101.5 last July 27, 2013 with a theme of #StartingItRight.




The blogging seminar was an interactive one, encouraging the participants to ask more questions on the three major topics in blogging:  Basics of Blogging (by Mr. Gabriel Billiones), Branding (by Mr. Alexander Singcol), and Networking for Bloggers (by Ms. Lovette Jam Jacosalem).  The Society’s President, Ms. Lisa Marie Mirasol, facilitated the open forum after each of the presentations.


L-R: G Billones, A Singcol, LJ Jacosalem, LM Mirasol

The event was the third start-up blogging seminar conducted by Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc.

Our heartfelt gratitude to the organizing team, speakers, sponsors, and attendees for making the event a successful one.